Java Applet block while opening Nortel Switch on Web Page

Logging on to the Web-based management interface.

Use this procedure to log on to the Web-based user interface.

The Default IP address is, and the security default is ON. The default Username is: nnadmin; the default Password is: PlsChgMe! The password and user name are case-sensitive.

Start your Web browser. 2 In the address bar, type the IP address for your host switch, for example,, and press Enter.

When I upgraded to the latest JAVA version 8.25 I figured out that I was unable to view the switch information via the web browsers. I received the following warning

Name:  Client


Your security settings have blocked an untrusted application from running.

Perform the step as below.

Go to the Java Configuration Console3

Go to Security


Go to Edit Site List


Add the IP address of the switch to the Exception Site list and press on OK


You get the warning as above. Click on Continue.

Click on OK to close the window

Please restart the Nortel Switch without any changes.

You will receive the  run message

Click on Run

Now you will be able to login with default switch username and password.

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