How to protect your files from the newest Online Threat – .Zepto Ransomware through McAfee virus access protection rules

What is Zepto Ransomware ?

As reports surfaced of a new ransomware virus circulating in the web. As with most other types of ransomware Zepto is most commonly distributed with the help of spam emails to encrypt of your file system. it uses asymmetric (RSA-2048 and AES-128) encryption algorithm. Once, it gets into your system, Windows runs wsscript.exe module and executes the script. Zepto crypto malware renames the encrypted files with an enormous filename

 Be careful when opening new e-mails from unknown or spam mail senders to your email. If the letter seems suspicious, do not open it and also do not open .zip, .js, .scr extension file type! Spam e-mails are one of the most common methods for ransomware distribution in system.

Solution work environment

McAfee ePo console 5.3.2

 How to create user define Rules in Access Protection rules

Step 1 : Login in McAfee ePo console

Step 2 : Go to the Policy catalog

Step 3 : Select product “ Virus scan enterprise 8.8

Step 4 : Open Access protection rules policy

Step 5 : Create user define rule for .Zepto


Step 6 : Now check created rules – Create .Zepto extension file in your system and check access protection log from Virus scan console. If user define rule successfully applied you will get popup massage of access deny.

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