The Group Policy Client Service failed the logon, Access is denied

If you are having the same issue and trying to follow this post . I managed to fix the issue.


Step 1            : Login to the machine with the your local administrator account. (assuming this issue is with a domain account, if not login to the machine using another account with administrative privilege)

Step 2            : Move the machine to a workgroup from domain. You could do this through Control Panel\System and Security\System and then Change Settings.

Step 3            : Now restart your local machine and logon with a machine privileges administrator account.

Step 4            : Delete your user profile data Which you cannot login in your domain account profile or move it a different location.

Step 5            : Join the machine back to domain account or to workgroup that the machine was originally joined to and restart the machine.

Step 6            : Re-logon with your domain user account that you were having suffering with. Make sure after that user account should not login in temp profile. If you will be logon with temp profile the following this step to perform.

Step 7            : Re- Login with administrator privileges and open Regedit in run bar.

Step 8            : Open this path on registry HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Step 9            : There is multiple registry key inside profile list path. You have to select .bak extension profile and delete it.

Step 10 : Restart your machine and login with domain user account.

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