Basic Configuration to FortiGate Firewall/UTM First time

HI Guys If you want require for your network with an affordable firewall and easy administrator, FortiGate firewall is best choice to implement firewall for small network. Today I will guide to you how to configure Fortigate firewall 30E  for a medium company.

Basic Knowledge of Firewall

A firewall basically will have these configuration.

Interface is the firewall communicate with other network devices. We can allocate the IP address to the firewall for these interface.

We can also define route to send the packet to every network supported device such as ADSL router, Wireless Router, Firewall, PC, Etc..

We can also configure firewall policy to restrict web-filter traffic, port, application, AV traffic in network.

Other operation we will configure like NAT, VPN, Routing, WiFi, etc…

Basic Configuration to FortiGate First time

Fortigate 30E is located with 4 Ethernet port. By default, first 4  LAN port is as an switch mode port status and this 4 LAN port has the default IP address This ip will use to configure Fortigate at the first time.


Now you have to follow this step to take console of Fortigate 30E.

  • Connect serial cable to from your computer to port X of the unit.


  • Set your computer IP address as 192.168.1.x, subnet mask
  • Left Default Gateway and DNS Settings of your network connection empty. You don’t need it for now.You will need it while connecting device in your network.
  • Make sure you could PING the IP from your computer.Default IP address of Fortigate Unit is Default Username and Password are admin and no password.
  • Connect to your new Fortigate by entering this website

You might not be able to access the site of your firewall because with factory settings, Fortigate 200B Port X is not enabled HTTPS.

You, still, could PING because PING is enabled by default on management port (port X). Execute these commands in your Serial connection port to enable HTTPS on Port X.

FG30E # config system interface
FG30E (interface) # edit port4
FG30E (port4) # set allowaccess ping https
FG30E (port4) # end



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