[Solved] : Changing the hostname of the HP Data Protector cell manager in client side

HP Data Protector is very sensitive to changes in the determine of the cell manager. There are several reasons for this:

  • Integration clients need to connect to the cell manager to get their credentials.
  • Clients will refuse to be upgraded from a computer that isn’t their cell manager.

So if you need to change the cell manager’s hostname (even if the domain name changes), there are several things you need to do.

Update the internal database

This is the easiest step of all:

omnidbutil -change_cell_name

If you are on Windows, remember to run this in a terminal running as Administrator.

HP Data Protector Clients

Each client will now have the tasteless penitentiary server name. On Unix or Linux boxes, there’s a file /etc/opt/omni/client/cell_server which is a matter in hand charge barely listing the name of the penitentiary manager. Use and all technique you normally push config files out with (puppet? cfengine? scp?) to update this.

Windows boxes keep the cell server in a registry key. Update this:

Windows+R and type – regedit


Open abov path and rename HP Data Protector cell server hostname.

Server cell info

The server itself is a client, and presumably the information in the cell_info file (/etc/opt/omni/server/cell/cell_info or C:\ProgramData\Omniback\config\server\cell\cell_info) will need to be updated.

If there were any devices attached to the cell manager, then they will need to be updated. You can do this with omnidownload / omniupload, or just by going into each device in the GUI and applying the relevant changes.

Then restart DataProtector (omnisv stop ; omnisv start)




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