Issue with playback video, connecting… at certain time.

Playback Video connecting… at some time particularly in IR vision view.

connecting playback

Problem: Whenever you are going to watch a camera playback, camera goes in connecting mode and does not show the camera feed. But when you export a specific time video footage, you show the video properly.

Cause: It happens when the IR or View configuration of the camera is not accurate.

Overview: We are use Vivotek freeware VMS software for 32 channel and we are facing this issue in Playback software.


First of all, check at first if there were any updates at all, maybe should have done that before. Will I lose any config if updating the firmware on everything?

If there is any firmware update, then go to the camera console and go to Maintenance and update it.

If you do not even have to do the firmware up-gradation of the camera, you should see the whole configuration from the first stage.

As I checked in camera configuration there is no problem or issue found regarding configuration.

I observed one thing where these problem occurred while lighting close and camera IR mode started. Once your camera IR mode started camera goes in connecting mode.

As per my view after all troubleshooting I was reset the camera except network card configuration. And re-configuration again with best practice.

After resetting camera problem got resolved.




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