Insecure access of web console on FortiGate firewall


FortiGate UTM web Console of firewall access is unrestricted. No host restriction on web access control.


Firewall Web Console can be accessed from any of the hosts in the LAN network which is not best practice. Access Control or host white listing to access firewall console is not present.

This solution will applicable for all fortigate firewall OS. this will help in VAPT as well.


Unrestricted access to firewall web console can allow any user from the network to access the firewall web console. Brute force technique can be used to crack the console password and any one could even lock the console by trying multiple failed attempts.


IP or Host restriction should be enforced for accessing the console of firewall.

We need to give web GUI access to those host IP who can confidently configuring allowed firewall. I will identified those host IP for trusted computer.

According to this I can easily identified that who logged in firewall and logs details as well.

Go to the below step-

Select system >> admin

insecure login 1

Add restrict login to trusted host IP. You can add multiple host IP as per your requirement.

insecure login 2

If you have any query regard this article please let me know on below comment box.

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