Any production impact if config or integrate single FSSO agent with two Fortinet firewall?


We are going to install new Fortigate Firewall. Firewall model is 2000E. Now we are reached to change the configuration step by step for FSSO agent. The current FSSO agent already activated with 200B OLD model. FSSO agent has installed in Active directory server machine. That same AD server integrate with FSSO and OLD firewall device.

Now here we have to get an existing FSSO agent to integrate with a new Fortigate firewall 2000E, then will it have an impact on production environment?

First need to add Newly Fortigate Firewall device serials number in Fortigate FSSO agent.

Fortigate Firewall serial number must be same as actual.

There are several different FSSO agents that can be used in an FSSO but here we have configured standard FSSO agent here.

Go to your AD server –

Open FSSO Agent and Go to > Set Group Filters

Here set password need to remember Fortinet use in Fortigate fabric.

Add Fortigate Group Filter > Add serial number of your standalone device or HA device. And add description

Once you add serial number then after add your AD group or User from AD server.

Once you integrate Fortigate Serial number then after integrate with FortiGate firewall.

How to configure FSSO agent configure in Fortigate 2000E ?

Go to >User & Device > LDAP Servers > Create new >

Add as per your configuration

Go to Security Fabric > Fabric Connectors > Add Fortinet Single Sign-on agent

Set primary FSSO agent as AD server IP or Name and password must be as given in FSSO agent.

If you have any query regard this article please let me know on below comment box.

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