How to delete custom web filter category from FortiGate Firewall Web rating override?

If you want to clean up custom webfilter category which was created in web rating override section. You can delete it from CLI command line or GUI access as well.

Here we have created some custom category which is now not in use so we are going to delete it from rating override section.

We have tried to delete it from CLI command:config webfilter ftgd-local-cat and select category – Delete“category name” but every time I get error:
Local Category ID is used by protection profile All_Allow category

Here I give you one example to you for delete custom category

Go to Security Profile – Web Filter – Local Categories

            Here local category is: Anand_Shah_Allow

Than after you have to check web category is assigned on overriding URL and Web Filter profile reference.

As per screen shot you can see the 0 URL override and 27 number of web filter profile reference. Why it’s shown 27 because it’s allocated block/monitor/allow in web filter Profile. If you Allow from web filter category it will reduce count from reference.

Allow local category what you want to delete as below snap.

Reference profile count is reduce.

Once you set allow custom category profile from all web filter profiles you will see number 0 in web filter reference

Here is allow command line for delete custom web filter profile.

Netsec_LAB # config webfilter ftgd-local-cat 
Netsec_LAB (ftgd-local-cat) # show
config webfilter ftgd-local-cat
edit ” Anand_Shash_allow” 
set id 140
edit ” BSE_NSE” 
set id 141

Netsec_LAB (ftgd-local-cat) # Delete ” Anand_Shash_allow” 

Netsec_LAB (ftgd-local-cat) # purge 
This operation will clear all table!
Do you want to continue? (y/n)y

If you have any query for this posted article please lets comment on below comment box.

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