Unsafe reboot may have caused inconsistency in disk drive. HA sync issue due to power reboot. Fortigate 201E

Solution applied.

FortiGate Firmware version                         : v6.0.2 build0163 (GA)

Forti Client Version                                       : 6.0.4


The article explain the meaning of alert notification “Unsafe reboot may have caused inconsistency in disk drive. Please run execute disk scan 17” of Fortigate Firewall.


The firewall has been recently rebooted without it being closed down effectively. The alert message might be ruined along these lines. If is there any power malfunction and fortigate device down without proper shutdown command #execute shutdown. Once your enter shutdown command device will check the internal disk files.

unsafe reboot log event occur multiple on same time once master going to sync with the slave unit.


Starting fortigate GUI and GUI will offer the option to restart the device and perform a file system and you can execute command from CLI.

This message coded in structure and there is not option to avoid or disable. If will not take any action then will make more in operation.

WARNING: File System Check Recommended! Unsafe reboot may have caused inconsistency in disk drive.

It is strongly recommended that you check file system consistency before proceeding.

Please run ‘execute disk scan 17’

Note: The device will reboot and scan during start-up. This may take up to 10 minutes

FG201E-1 #

FG201E-1 # exec disk scan 17

scan requested for:  1/HDD1 (device=/dev/sda17)

This action requires the unit to reboot.

Do you want to continue? (y/n)y

FG201E-1 #

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