Fortigate- “WAD” process consume 65% of memory. Kill wad process.

We have replaced Fortigate Device 200B to 2000E model after up-gradation Fortigate device performance goes high utilization of memory.

Fortigate 2000E model has firmware version 6.0.4

We try to perform below command for check the which application process is consume more resource of memory.

# diag test application ipsmonitor 99

# diag sys top 1

Performed above command and see what was hogging all that memory. And we found a process named “wad” that uses 62% of the memory due to that internet and all application was work slow.

We have logged call with TAC team but they suggest to kill the WAD process or wait for next release.

How to kill wad process?

Here is below command for kill wad process and not side effect on production.

# fnsysctl killall wad

Check the overall CPU and memory status:
# diagnose sys top-summary

Show the running processes:
# diagnose sys top

Now you can check the CPU and memory again with command:
# diagnose sys top-summary

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